DiamondGrid™ is TOUGH and Sustainable.

DiamondGrid™ can carry up to 1000 Tonnes Per Square Meter and is made from recycled material

DiamondGrid™ is 100% recycled UV treated polypropylene, engineered for load of up to 1000 Tonnes per square meter, with up to 96% permeability, used extensively for driveways, hardstands, and shed flooring. DiamondGrid™ is proven for heavy static and high-frequency traffic load, for mining, construction, and agriculture. DiamondGrid™ is also an alternative to traditional concreting – using 60% less concrete thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Before and After DiamondGrid™

Before DiamondGrid™

The ground surface is battered with erosion, tyre ruts and mud after long spells of rain, representing a risk to foot or vehicular traffic.

 After DiamondGrid™

DiamondGrid™ cost-effectively delivers and maintains a permeable surface that eliminates mud, erosion, and runoff, a safer, tougher, and more durable surface.

DiamondGrid™ Recommended Fill Options

DiamondGrid™ Applications

The STRONGEST in the game.

The DiamondGrid™ - easy to install with a robust interlocking system.

Applications suitable for Diamond Grid include:

  • Heavy Vehicle Haul/Access Roads

  • Roads

  • Driveways

  • Shed/Workshop floors

  • Concrete pavements

  • Car Parks

Made from 100% recycled, UV treated polypropylene, Diamond Grid is ecologically friendly and highly durable. The product has been load tested by the Facility of Engineering and Surveying Centre of Excellence in Engineered Fibre Composites, University of Southern Queensland and Sageos CTT Group and found to withstand loads in excess of 300 tonnes per square metre when empty or over 1000+ tonnes crush resistance per m/2 when grids are filled.