DiamondGrid™ is the TOUGHEST in the game.
Here's the data.

The DiamondGrid™ Datasheet

The DiamondGrid™ interlocking system is robust and easy to install

Applications suitable for Diamond Grid include:

  • Heavy Vehicle Haul/Access Roads

  • Roads

  • Driveways

  • Shed/Workshop floors

  • Concrete pavements

  • Car Parks

The DiamondGrid™ Difference

The Technical Benefits of DiamondGrid™

DiamondGrid™ VS Comparable Surface Solutions

The DiamondGrid™ Advantage

Reduce the preparation cost of the Subgrade by reducing the thickness required
Increase load bearing capability of roads
Distribute load more evenly over surface
Reduce frequency and cost of maintenance by up to 70%
Reduce maintenance costs by more than 70%
Holds the road together for much greater periods
Increase traffic load without increasing pavement thickness
Minimizes pavements failure due to semi-rigid load-bearing capacity