The DiamondGrid™ Story

DiamondGrid™ is made in New Zealand.
Built TOUGH for our conditions

The world knows that Kiwi Farmers do it tough.

The world recognizes that New Zealand farmers face formidable challenges. DiamondGrid™ was crafted with farmers in mind, aiming to tackle degradation issues in cattle yards, driveways, and feed paddocks resulting from extreme weather conditions, be it relentless droughts or intense floods. The ultimate solution needed to be permeable, offer surface stabilization, have anti-erosion attributes, and boast of robust durability.

Subsequent material and load testing revealed a multitude of applications for DiamondGrid™, and It didn’t take long before sectors like Mining, Civil and Landscaping began to embrace its potential. Built from recycled plastic, DiamondGrid™ stands out as the premium product poised to lead the drainage and soil erosion industry.

DiamondGrid™ – TOUGHEN YOUR TERRAIN with the strongest in the game.